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Precast Concrete Fencing in Edmonton AB

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. has been manufacturing precast concrete tanks for decades and has recently expanded our product line with precast concrete fence and noise barriers in Edmonton, Alberta. We have formed our new division of TAL Stone Fence Inc. to supply and install Verti-Crete® precast fencing in locations from Calgary to Vancouver to Fort St. John. Our concrete fence products give you a range of textures and colours for aesthetic choices without losing the durability and sound attenuation you expect from such a practical material. A precast concrete fence offers not only an attractive but also an affordable option for residential, commercial, subdivision, and municipal transportation uses.

Verti-Crete® Precast Privacy Fences and Sound Walls

TAL Stone Fence is the exclusive licensee in Northern Alberta for Verti-Crete precast privacy fence and noise walls. These masonry-pattern walls combine the strength and durability of precast with the beauty of architectural stone. Verti-Crete applications can include subdivision boundaries, commercial separation (e.g. multi-unit developments and shopping plazas), transportation and transit noise walls or noise barriers, privacy fences, public utility and industrial walls, and trash enclosures. Our masonry-pattern walls, fence posts and noise walls are visually stunning and provide years of service. The Verti-Crete system quickly grabs the attention of owners, developers, designers and contractors because of its beauty, strength and ease of installation.

Applications include:

  • Privacy fences
  • Noise walls or noise barriers
  • Earth-retaining walls
  • Monument signs and entrance features
  • Columns for integration with woodscreen or ornamental metal panels
  • Dumpster enclosures

Examples of past projects include concrete fence wall along St. Albert Trail, entrance feature for the Town of Bon Accord, noise wall in Cavanagh, security enclosure in Spruce Grove, and more!

The Beauty of Precast Concrete Fencing

You can rely on the durable nature of a precast concrete fence from Edmonton’s TAL Stone Fence Inc. while enjoying the appearance of custom masonry or stacked stone. Your privacy fence or retaining wall may be concrete, but our range of stone textures and concrete designs can give you a look to please the eye, such as:

  • Drystack stone
  • Sierra Dryfit
  • Durango Dryfit
  • Ledgestone
  • Split-face block
  • Cobblestones

Precast concrete fences and sound walls are not just sturdier and longer lasting than vinyl or wood, and they don’t have to be drab and dull. Verti-Crete walls are made in molds crafted from handlayed natural stones and we offer a palette of colours to complement the your home, business, residential complex, subdivision, or roadway, including shades of:

  • Limestone
  • Washed suede
  • Terra cotta
  • Brick red
  • Blue slate
  • Stone grey
  • Spruce green

Request Information about a Concrete Fence in Edmonton

However you customize your new Verti-Crete wall, it will be installed securely over foundations with rebar anchors. Our TAL Stone Fence Inc. crew fits each fence panel into notches cast into the concrete posts, with every plumbed and levelled section secured and connected. Not only does this make installation quicker and cost-efficient, but you also get more structural strength than with any other wall system.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages and pricing for your custom sound wall or precast concrete fence from our Edmonton staff. Call us locally or toll free, or send us an email.

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