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Durable Precast Concrete Products in Edmonton

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supplying durable and cost-effective precast concrete products in Edmonton. Our concrete tanks perform a wide range of residential, commercial, civic and industrial applications in locations throughout Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia. Homeowners, contractors and designers count on us to manufacture and deliver the highest quality precast concrete products.

As our name implies, we create and deliver large precast concrete tanks on-site for a number of uses. Over the years we have proven ourselves for delivering safe tank installations that are all within our clients’ budgets and their project timelines throughout Edmonton. Our pre-cast concrete solutions help mitigate the risks of an open excavation and the potential instability of the ground while operating heavy equipment.

Our Selection of Precast Concrete Products in Edmonton
At Tanks-A-Lot, we are committed to making the strongest and most durable precast concrete tanks in the industry. Quality is extremely important to us, which is why we aim to create reinforced tanks that will hold up through all conditions in all scenarios. Concrete can take just about any form we want it to! Our tanks can be customized and poured to function as any of the following:

  • Cisterns – A solution to access potable water without access to municipal services or well water.
  • Septic tanks – A tank for dispersing household sewage into different forms, eventually releasing liquids into a septic field
  • Sewage holding tanks – When septic systems aren’t available, these tanks hold all sewage and need to be emptied periodically
  • Sewage treatment plants – Complete sewage treatment plants are a combination of tanks for a maintenance-free solution
  • Toilet tanks – These tanks are available for outdoor toilet solutions that require limited maintenance and maximum self-sufficiency
  • Sumps – Best suited as elevator pits or with industrial washing sites to collect run off water.
  • Catch basins – Otherwise known as a storm drain, collect excessive rain water away from properties and streets.
  • Sewage lift stations – Overcome gravity and move wastewater or sewage to a higher elevation
  • Multi-purpose structure – Tanks aren’t our only specialty! Our resilient and multi-dimensional box structures can be used for a variety of applications (larger capacity storage tanks, wet wells, lift stations, fire suppression systems, culverts, etc.). Customize your structure to your specific needs.
  • Utility vaults – Customize a concrete vault to your exact specifics in order to protect underground utilities like water mains, pumps, and electrical wires.
  • Stormwater tanks – This greatly increases the volume of runoff water created during storms and spring thaws.
  • Fire suppression tanks – Since our tanks are designed to hold water, put these reservoirs to a lifesaving and property-saving good use like fighting fires.
  • TAL concrete fence products – Taking any form, we pour concrete into durable and aesthetically pleasing panels to combine into any sized fence.
Accessories to Facilitate Your Precast Concrete
No matter what business you run or what purpose you have for a precast concrete tank, Tanks-A-Lot carries all the necessary accessories to help your tank function at its best. Choose from complete purpose-based packages or pick from individual parts. We have everything you need to pump, store, and move water or fluid in and out of your tanks. Please visit our accessories page.
Our Trusted Brands
At Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. we use only the highest quality materials and products to ensure consistent quality. When trying to source this level of quality we always turn to a handful of trustworthy brands. Getting our stamp of approval, our most commonly used suppliers include:
If you are ready to install a durable and reliable precast concrete tank, or any other concrete structure, on your site, then give us a call today! We will work with you to ensure that all your needs are met in a safe and dependable way. For more information or to view our full inventory of products, please visit our shop in Edmonton.