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Fire Suppression Tanks

Fire suppression tanks are reservoirs used for holding water used to fight fires. They are used in structures that have a water sprinkler fire protection system that demands more water than the existing water line can provide when operating.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Underground water storage tanks from Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. remain ice-free year round and have minimal “visual impact”, preserving property values of residential and commercial real estate.

Some of the benefits of choosing a Tanks-A-Lot fire suppression tank for your project include:

  • Available from 50 to 5,000 cubic meters’ capacity
  • Minimize site installation times, smaller excavations, easier soils management and low profile design versus fiberglass tanks
  • Narrow profile simplifies site layout
  • Maximize land usage by burying structures under parking lot or landscaping

Talk to a Professional

It is always a good idea to contact an experienced construction professional or your local fire chief or public building officials prior to starting any storage tank project. Improper tank size, placement or plumbing layout can reduce the effectiveness of the water supply, creating liability and possible occupancy issues. Contact us to learn more or to request a no-obligation quote on fire suppression tanks in Alberta and NE British Columbia.