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Utility Vaults

High quality precast concrete utility vaults from Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. provide contractors and building professionals with a readily available, yet easily customizable solution to protect underground utilities such as water mains and pumps, electrical wires and components and other specialized devices and components.

Customizable Heights and Widths

Our concrete utility vaults are quickly and easily installed and offer a much higher service life compared to fibreglass products. They are compliant with all provincial and local codes and regulations and are available in customizable heights and widths to meet your specific needs. Other features include:

  • Wall thickness from 50 mm to 300mm
  • Optional sealing and fastening systems
  • Precision cast features
  • Knock-out zones for versatile installation
  • Resistance to buoyancy
  • Long service life
  • Customized sizes and optional manways, ladders and rails
  • Proven performance and versatility for electrical, gas or communications
  • Produced with self-consolidating concrete for smooth finishes, fewer bug holes
  • Conformance to CAN CSA A23.1, Concrete Exposure Classes S-1 and C-1
  • Customizable steel reinforcing for CHBDC CL-800 traffic rating or other requirements

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. has been supplying utility protection vaults and other quality concrete products in Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia for more than 3 decades. Call or visit our shop today to find the systems and components you need to make your next project a success.

Utility Vaults
Utility Vaults
Utility Vaults