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Sewage Lift Stations in Edmonton AB

Lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater or sewage from a lower to a higher elevation, particularly in cases where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow or in situations where the use of gravity conveyance will require excessive excavation depths and result in high sewer construction costs.

Residential, Commercial and Municipal

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. manufactures and supplies sewage lift stations to provide service for homes, businesses and communities in Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia. Some of the features offered include:

  • Customizable fittings or specified coring zones
  • Floor and roof cast monolithic with adjacent walls
  • Square or rectangular structures provide a larger working area and more capacity than round structures
  • Precision cast features and wall penetrations
  • Pump, piping ladder, and venting packages available

Custom Solutions

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. offers sewage lift stations in a variety of sizes and capabilities to meet the requirements of your project. Our goal is to provide you with quality products at the best price while exceeding your expectations regarding service and workmanship. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Sewage Lift Stations
Sewage Lift Stations
Sewage Lift Stations