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Precast Trenches in Alberta

Precast trenches are a versatile and dependable solution for applications such as surface drainage, water conveyance and the safe housing of critical buried infrastructure. Our trenches are manufactured in a controlled environment to CSA standards and feature a flexible design that can accommodate heavy HS20 loads.

Tanks-A-Lot has partnered with Trenwa Precast Trench Solutions, a leading manufacturer of precast concrete trenches, to offer a full range of precast trenches with the following advantages:

  • Flexible design with a variety of depths (12″ to 72″) and widths (10″ – 96″) available to suit your needs. Custom designs available
  • 3m (10 foot) lengths for quick installation
  • Multiple lid options – concrete, steel, FRP or grated tops
  • Accessories – pipe, cable supports, Unistrut, weld plates – can be embedded as needed
  • Openings and bottom drain holes available
  • Designed with high strength concrete
  • Elimination of costly on-site form set up


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