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Bon Accord

The Problem

The Town was looking to replace the west and east entrance Town of Bon Accord welcome monuments signs which were becoming dilapidated and past their service lives. The Town wanted replacement signs which would incorporate elements of the old sign, be of high aesthetic value and be durable.

TAL Solution

For the design, we wanted to present a sign that would embody a strong sense of community, preserve elements and connections to the Town’s predominately Scottish Heritage as well as improve the sense of arrival and place for residents, visitors and motorists passing the Town on HWY 28.

By combining our Verti-Crete Architectural Precast system with some ornamental wrought iron elements produced by Behrends not only we were able to preserve elements of the old sign, we were able to also deliver on the three key elements the sign had to meet, which are:

  • Superior aesthetic, security and durability features
  • Durability and low maintenance (service life of 100 + years)
  • Improved sense of place - stone fences convey shelter and permanence