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The TAL Blog of Onsite Water & Sewage Solutions

With over 36 years of experience with onsite water and sewage solutions in Alberta and British Columbia, Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. knows cisterns, septic tanks and other concrete storage options inside and out. Take a moment to read our blog and learn more about the uses, applications and limitations of septic tanks, wastewater systems and other useful concrete structures.

Precast Concrete Noise Barriers: Advantages and Applications

11/05/2018 By tanksalot

Many of today's residential communities and shopping centres are located near busy roadways that give rise to vehicle traffic and noise. At Tanks-A-Lot Ltd., we supply and install precast concrete noise barriers in Alberta that can make living and working in these areas more enjoyable. Noise barriers have a variety of benefits for residential, s... Read More

Septic Tank Maintenance

03/10/2017 By Tanksalot

Proper septic tank maintenance is crucial for the system to work properly; it is easy to do and should be done every 6 to 12 months. Having a well maintained tank will also help with the longevity of your pumps and dispersal field. Never go inside the tank without the proper equipment and training.

Step 1:  Visu... Read More

MBBR Technology

02/06/2017 By Tanksalot

Although Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor (MBBR) may seem like a new technology, it’s been around since the late 1980s.  As a proven wastewater treatment method for residential and commercial applications, in over 50 countries, MBBR has a track record of out performing all other systems.  MBBR’s high performance and low maintenance was the driv... Read More

Alberta Septic System Planning

06/12/2014 By tanksalot

At Tanks-A-Lot, we manufacture septic tanks and supply materials to the industry, but we don't install systems. Because of this, it may be difficult for us to estimate the complete cost of a project. In our Guide to Septic Systems we cover some of the costs associated with installing systems but don't discuss the proc... Read More

Septic Tank Life

05/01/2013 By tanksalot

Septic tanks can have a life of 50 years or longer if they are well cared for. Unfortunately most homeowners do not know what the dos and don’ts are of caring for a tank, and consequently some septic tanks do not serve households to their fullest potential. Here are just a few not-so-obvious tips that will increase the l... Read More

Using SPIN for Septic System Design

01/14/2013 By tanksalot

The Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 2009 requires a Site Evaluation to be completed as a prerequisite to completing a septic system design and applying for a permit.  Among other things, the Site Evaluation Report must include the address and legal description of the property, the parcel identification number, and a dimensi... Read More

4 Tips When Installing Wastewater Tanks

08/22/2012 By tanksalot

When installed correctly, concrete wastewater tanks can last for many years. Listed below are some installation tips that will help make your tank operate trouble-free for years to come:

  1. Place the tank in a location that the vacuum truck can access without obstructions; this will mitigate the risk of the truck getting too close to t... Read More

4 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Septic or Holding Tank

08/16/2012 By tanksalot

Purchasing a new septic tank or holding tank in Alberta can be expensive; that is why it is critical that many factors, and not cost alone, are considered when making your decision. Listed below are 4 things that every person should consider before spending thousands of dollars on a septic or holding tank:

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Why You Should Install a Septic or Cistern Alarm System

07/21/2012 By tanksalot

A high or low level alarm can be an invaluable tool for a homeowner, especially if they are not familiar with the functions of a septic tank. The concept behind high and low level alarms is based on “out of sight, out of mind”, meaning the alarms are there so that you do not have to constantly check the fluid level of your tank. This also al... Read More

5 Things to Consider When Sizing Cistern Holding Tanks

07/11/2012 By tanksalot

It is common that homeowners experience a great deal of confusion when trying to decide on the ideal size of cistern for their household. Unlike septic tanks, cisterns are sized to a house or facility based on the amount of occupants, and the gallons of water used per day. Household cisterns are typically purchased in 1500... Read More