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MBBR Technology

02/06/2017 By Tanksalot

Although Moving Bed Bio-film Reactor (MBBR) may seem like a new technology, it’s been around since the late 1980s.  As a proven wastewater treatment method for residential and commercial applications, in over 50 countries, MBBR has a track record of out performing all other systems.  MBBR’s high performance and low maintenance was the driving force behind Tanks-A-Lot adopting this technology.

A MBBR system consists of an aeration compartment with special plastic carriers called Kaldness, providing a surface where a bio-film can grow.  These carriers are made of material with a density close to that of water, allowing them to easily move around all of the compartment.  This ensures good contact between the substrate in the influent wastewater and the bio-mass on the carriers.

Tanks-A-Lot uses this MBBR technology in its WSB Clean treatment plant; a 1 piece, 4 compartment tank in which the Kaldness mixes and rolls with the effluent in the 2nd compartment.  This is done by introducing fine air through a blower, oxygenating the effluent at the same time.  The rolling Kaldness will constantly be bouncing into each other and into the walls of the tank, breaking down the bio-mass and cleaning itself and the tank at the same time. The process is so effective that it limits the service in this 2nd compartment to simply changing an air filter; there are no messy bio-filters to pull out or pressure washing needed. The wastewater will then pass to a third compartment to allow the solids to settle out and be returned to the first compartment for more treatment.

To learn more on the WSB treatment plant, please click the link below to see more or contact our office for more information.

Tanks-A-Lot W2560 Wastewater Treatment Plant

Cross section of Tanks-A-Lot model W2560 Tank, for a home with up to 5 bedrooms


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