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Precast Concrete Noise Barriers: Advantages and Applications

11/05/2018 By tanksalot

Many of today's residential communities and shopping centres are located near busy roadways that give rise to vehicle traffic and noise. At Tanks-A-Lot Ltd., we supply and install precast concrete noise barriers in Alberta that can make living and working in these areas more enjoyable. Noise barriers have a variety of benefits for residential, subdivision, commercial, and municipal applications.

Benefits of Noise barriers

Compared to other types of fencing, such as wood or vinyl, precast concrete comes with many distinct advantages. Contractors, developers, project managers, owners, and designers across Alberta choose noise barriers because they offer:

Excellent Sound Attenuation

The main reason why noise barriers are installed is to reduce noise pollution, typically from a highway or a busy road. The concrete is thick enough and the barriers are tall enough to keep the noise from travelling in a straight line from the source, significantly lowering the sound by several decibels. Noise barriers make it much more comfortable to live, work, and shop near high-traffic roads.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Another advantage to using noise barriers in Alberta is that they provide fantastic privacy and security. The solid construction and height of the concrete fence prevent anyone from seeing through or over it. The walls are also non-scalable, preventing anyone from climbing over and accessing your property from anywhere but through a main entrance.

Superior Aesthetic Appeal

Noise barriers may be made of concrete, but they can mimic the look of a range of different stone textures. The realistic, natural stone designs are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance other surrounding features and accents. It couldn't be easier to choose a design and a texture that will aesthetically integrate into the neighbourhood.

Greater Durability

Finally, precast concrete noise barriers are among the sturdiest and longest lasting type of fencing you could choose. Other materials can easily become damaged or wear down over time. Precast concrete can withstand harsh Alberta weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and physical impacts, all with minimal maintenance on your part.

Noise Barrier Applications

It is common to see precast concrete noise barriers in Alberta in just about any situation where noise attenuation, privacy, and security are important priorities. Some typical examples of noise barrier applications are:

  • Backyard fencing
  • Privacy fencing
  • Community fencing
  • Entrance features
  • Monument signs
  • Commercial separation
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Earth-retaining walls
  • Utility walls
  • Industrial walls

Find Out More About Noise Barriers in Alberta

Does a noise barrier sound like the right fit for your project? Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. carries a variety of affordable Verti-Crete® precast concrete fence products for all applications. We have installed noise barriers throughout Alberta and British Columbia for smaller residential and larger municipal projects. Our experts can help you choose from a range of sizes and textures to ensure an attractive and effective solution for your needs.

To learn more about how noise barriers may benefit you and about pricing for noise barriers in Alberta, don't hesitate to contact Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. today.

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