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Why You Should Install a Septic or Cistern Alarm System

07/21/2012 By tanksalot

A high or low level alarm can be an invaluable tool for a homeowner, especially if they are not familiar with the functions of a septic tank. The concept behind high and low level alarms is based on “out of sight, out of mind”, meaning the alarms are there so that you do not have to constantly check the fluid level of your tank. This also allows for the homeowner to have peace of mind, knowing that fluids are kept at an acceptable level at all times.

Alarms can be set to activate at different fluid levels, allowing the homeowner to have as much notice as they would prefer before the requiring service. Having the appropriate alarm for your tank will greatly decrease the chances of your system backing up into your home; they are great for RVs and cabins that are used seasonally, and when regular water use is not monitored.

The value of a high or low water alarm is apparent in a homeowner's ability to monitor effluent levels without harming or affecting the water in any way. High and low level alarms are relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. With all of these benefits, it is hard to fathom why a homeowner would not add an alarm to every tank!


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