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5 Things to Consider When Sizing Cistern Holding Tanks

07/11/2012 By tanksalot

It is common that homeowners experience a great deal of confusion when trying to decide on the ideal size of cistern for their household. Unlike septic tanks, cisterns are sized to a house or facility based on the amount of occupants, and the gallons of water used per day. Household cisterns are typically purchased in 1500, 2000, 2200 and 2700 gallon sizes whereas most cabins or RVs typically require either 750 or 1000 gallon tanks. Here are a few things you must consider when it comes to cistern sizing:

  • Keep in mind that the average person uses about 55 gallons of water a day in a full-time household and about 40 gallons per day in a seasonal cabin

  • If you have one, you should consider the size of your sewage holding tank before committing to cistern size

  • Consider how often you wish to have water delivered

  • Consider the amount of water your local water hauler is able to provide in one trip

  • Consider how often company visits your house (family dinners, holidays, etc.)

Cisterns can be tricky to size, but the team at Tanks-A-Lot can also provide some advice and opinions that you may find helpful. The cisterns we provide are manufactured with high-quality precast concrete, and are reinforced using steel rebar to ensure superior strength.


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