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4 Things to Consider about Septic Tank Placement

04/18/2012 By tanksalot

Don’t put it too close:
Burying a septic tank too close to roadways with vehicle traffic can cause additional pressure on the septic tank, resulting in decreased longevity of the product.

Don't put it too far:
After a couple of years of use, the wastewater in a septic tank will accumulate a layer of scum along the top and a collection of solids on the bottom, which needs to be removed to ensure proper treatment levels are maintained in the system. To do this, a vacuum truck will need to get close enough to the septic tank to perform this solids removal. In other words, don’t place the septic tank in a spot where the vacuum truck can't access.

Septic tanks can be beautiful:
Although the lid needs to be placed above final grade, you can camouflage this lid by building it into your landscaping design and hiding it among bushes, and flowers. Remember no trees; you do not want to run the risk of large root systems pushing on your tank or manways/extensions. Landscaping around your septic tank will not only make the lid less obvious, but features like this place the septic tank out of the way of vehicle traffic, while increasing property esthetics.

Don’t forget the rules:
Septic tanks have boundaries. These boundaries take into account property lines, wells, and right of ways to name a few. Always check with your local municipality for regulations in your area.

Septic tank placement should be considered in the early stages of planning, but installation should be left until the last stage of building. This will keep the tank out of harm’s way during the construction process.

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One response to “4 Things to Consider about Septic Tank Placement”

  1. This is some really good information about septic tanks. It is good to know that you need to make sure that the take isn’t to close to the house. It seems like you would want to get a professional to install the tanks.