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Sizing Your Septic Tank

04/09/2012 By tanksalot

It is important to size your septic tank properly; below are three factors to take into account when deciding to purchase a septic tank:

Number of bedrooms in the home
Always size the septic tank for the number of bedrooms in the home and not the number of current occupants. This is because number of occupants may fluctuate with transfer of ownership or family growth. A six bedroom home today occupied by 3 people may turn into a 6 bedroom home tomorrow occupied by 6.

Garbage grinders
Garbage grinders are handy but they add a lot of organic material to the influent which results in higher levels of sludge and solids accumulating in the first compartment of the septic tank. This additional accumulation of sludge and solids in turn decreases the treatment capacity of the septic tank therefore, the size of the septic tank needs to be increased.

High flow fixtures
When you use the number of bedrooms to calculate tank size, the calculation is based on standard fixture values. Adding rain cans in showers, multi-shower head units, large Jacuzzi tubs or any other high flow fixtures will need to be taken into consideration when calculating a suitable septic tank size.

These 3 variables are combined to calculate the total required septic tank size. Remember, properly sizing your septic tank will prolong the life of your overall treatment system.

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