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iQ MBBR™ Wastewater Treatment

Introducing iQ.MBBR™ for Wastewater Treatment

  • iQ = intelligent & Quality Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor – next generation wastewater treatment
  • Dissolved Oxygen Control for very low energy cost and optimized oxygen demand
  • Improved treatment of varying hydraulic, organic, and nutrient loads
  • Relieable pure biofilm process with minimal operational requirements
  • Proven remote monitoring and control = optimum system management

The iQ.MBBR™ process

The MBBR process is based on a specially designed plastic, neutrally buoyant carrier media with a high specific surface area for biofilm attachment and growth; a design proven with over 30 years of use.

The iQ.MBBR™ process specifically includes 2 sequential treatment phases: the Fluidized Bed phase during aeration for oxygen supply, mixing, and biofilm / sludge control; and the Floating Bed Filter phase for adsorption of contaminants, biofilm growth, and simultaneous nitrification / denitrification.

Applying the non-aerated phase differs from traditional MBBR processes and results in significant energy and performance benefit. This is further enhanced by the use of dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors / control which only provides aeration when needed.


iQ.CONTROLS™-PANEL is a custom-built panel. Each output comes in a modular design to allow three-Phase, Single-Phase loads of 10A or 20A. Choose which mode you want your output to operate in Time Dose, Demand Dose, Aeration, Chemical, Day/Night Settings or Permanently On. Duplex and Triplex setups are optional for all outputs.

CLICK&CLEAN®-WEB is a web-based secure monitoring system specifically designed to provide full operational surveillance of each system with instant notification sent via email and SMS. The information is stored on a web based database providing a historical report on each system.

CLICK&CLEAN®-APP allows complete remote control from the service provider to remotely have access and change settings. The new CLICK&CLEAN®-APP enables the technicians to use all benefits onsite including the possibility to connect to back office support by video conference.

There are more than 30,000 click&clean control panels in 27 countries. Approx. 8,000 panels are remotely managed systems.


Tanks-A-Lot is a manufacturer and distributor of iQ.MBBR™ Wastewater Treatment Plants, scalable systems capable of treating up to 300,000 gallons per day.

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