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Stormwater Tank Installation


Stormwater tanks are an excellent solution for onsite stormwater storage - a growing challenge for cities as they grapple with urban sprawl. With the increase in appetite for transit and pedestrian-oriented living, Rohit Commercial developed Stadium Yards, a new 7 acre mixed-use urban village situated next to Edmonton's Stadium LRT Station. The development will welcome an additional 1500-2000 residents to Edmonton's core with a commercial main street and parks. The developer wanted a solution for a stormwater tank that maximized volume capacity without sacrificing land for development.

S3 Precast Solution

We designed and supplied precast, modular 1800mmx1800mm (6' x 6') traffic-rated concrete box sections connected together to achieve the desired storage volume of 84m3 (18,500 gallons). As a result, the developed could salvage valuable land above the stormwater tank. In addition, we also performed onsite assembly of the units. We utilized our proprietary, industry-leading best practices of sealing the joints using post-tension wire, thereby ensuring a watertight seal. The video included above illustrates the ease of use and the modular design of our proposal. A similar project was completed previously in Sherwood Park.


We fabricated 11 precast box sections at our new 90,000 sq. ft. production facility located in Edmonton in under 2 weeks. Onsite assembly was completed over 2 days.

Features & Benefits

  • Retains valuable land above the structure
  • Modular sections allowed flexibility in working within the site's constraints
  • Proprietary joint sealing ensured a watertight seal
  • S3 Precast's onsite expertise provided the developer peace of mind