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St Albert Barrier Wall Replacement

Introduction to Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls offer a durable, flexible and aesthetically-pleasing solution for noise abatement and other applications. These properties were well-highlighted on the St. Albert Barrier Wall Replacement project.

The St. Albert Barrier Wall is a stretch of concrete wall that serves as a visual and noise barrier for residents along St. Albert Trail. Constructed between 1983 and 1992, the existing wall needed to be replaced after an independent assessment identified structural concerns and a loss of effectiveness of the wall's sound attenuation. As such, the third-party's recommendation was for a full replacement of the existing wall between Giroux Road and Sturgeon Road along St. Albert Trail.

As part of the evaluation process, the City of St. Albert considered multiple bids across varying materials - wood, composite, concrete, metal - but ultimately selected our precast concrete wall solution. Our team successfully carried out the project in three phases between 2018 and 2020.

Our Solution

The City opted for our concrete wall thanks to its durability, longevity, ease of installation and noise attenuation properties. Concrete is inherently more durable, more forgiving and longer-lasting. Concrete also has superior noise abatement characteristics when compared against other materials. Additionally, our ability to produce longer span walls of 4.88m (16 feet) at 5.23m post-to-post spacing requires less piles and posts, thereby resulting in reduced costs and an improvement to the project speed.


Phase 1 (2018) - Portion of wall between Giroux Road and Villeneuve Road. Total length of 300m across panel height of 7 feet

Phase 2 (2019) - Portion of wall between Hebert Road and Sterling Street. Total length of 850m across panel heights of 8 and 16 feet

Phase 3 (2020) - Portion of wall between Sterling Street and Sturgeon Road. Total length of 900m across panel heights of 8 and 16 feet

Features & Benefits

  • Improved aesthetics, privacy and noise attenuation for residents along St. Albert Trail
  • Shorter project timeline thanks to our longer span walls
  • Superior durability and lifespan compared to other products
  • Locally produced