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Precast Trenches – BHP Jansen

BHP Jansen

BHP Jansen Stage 1 is a potash project located in the province of Saskatchewan. Located in the world’s best potash basin, BHP Jansen is planned to be the largest potash producing mine in the world and is expected to operate up to 100 years. The large resource endowment provides the opportunity to develop Jansen in phases, with anticipated initial capacity of 4.35 megatonnes per annum (Mtpa) of potash when the project becomes operational in 2026.

Our Solution

Working in conjunction with Trenwa Precast Trench Solutions, we supplied approximately 430 H40 traffic-rated precast concrete trenches for power and communication cables installed at the BHP Jansen mine site. Each piece measured 3.05m long, 1.83m wide and 0.91m tall.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick on-site assembly versus costly and time-consuming formwork
  • Produced in a controlled environment
  • Designed with high strength concrete
  • 3m lengths for quick installation
  • Accessories – pipe, cable supports, Unistrut, weld plates – can be embedded