System Design Resources

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What is FIELDCalc?

  • FIELDCalc is a septic tank, treatment plant and field system sizing calculator.

Why use FIELDCalc?

  • Focus on design decisions instead of calculations
  • Avoid approval problems by not underbuilding
  • Supports fast, accurate cost estimating
  • Save money by not overbuilding

What does FIELDCalc cost for contractors?

  • FIELDCalc is free for PSDS certified installers

On the Requisition Form, what does "Infiltration Distance" mean?

  • Infiltration distance is the vertical space between the trench bottom and limiting layer, restricting layer, or test pit bottom if no such layer is present.

On the Requisition Form, what is the "Req#" used for?

  • The designer can use the "Req#" to identify the job that his FIELDCalc report is related to.
  • A Req# can be any name or number the designer chooses.

What is in a FIELDCalc Dataset Report?

  • An overview page shows general septic tank,treatment plant, and field sizing information
  • Decision pages show field configuration, flow rates, and pump selection for four treatment scenarios (e.g. Septic Tank with Pressure Distribution)
  • Calculations include consideration of popular supply lines and lateral piping scenarios
  • Field detail pages allow the designer to easily review calculations details against the SOP for the selected system

What the limitations?

  • FIELDCalc Technical Notes provide a description of how the calculations are performed
  • which SOP requirements are minimized,
  • which SOP requirements are maximized,
  • and which SOP requirements are flagged or left up to the designer