About Underground Tanks

The main uses for underground tanks in residential applications are water cisterns, septic tanks, sewage holding tanks, and sewage treatment plants. Water cisterns are used to hold water for household use, also known as potable water. Septic tanks are used in conjunction with a septic field, pressurized mound, or municipal pressure collection system. Sewage holding tanks have a single compartment for raw sewage and are frequently emptied by a vacuum truck. Sewage treatment plants use aerobic bacteria to break down the organic content of sewage and produce a clear, odorless effluent.

Why Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete tanks are the preferred choice for underground residential applications, and they have been the accepted standard for over 60 years worldwide. The vast majority of installations in Western Canada are precast concrete because of its clear superiority over other materials choices such as plastic or fiberglass. Concrete tanks do not require precise hand backfilling with pea rock. While filling with water to equalize pressure, concrete tanks do not deform out of shape. Sticks and stones will not puncture a concrete tank. Concrete tanks do not require strapping and anchors to prevent them from floating or popping out of the ground from high water tables or during spring thaw. All these things add up to simpler and less expensive installation and backfilling for concrete tanks than plastic tanks.

Leader in Quality and Innovation

Tanks-A-Lot Ltd. has become the industry leader by focusing exclusively on precast concrete tanks and related products. Our superior designs, production quality, and attention to detail result in a superior product, backed by a 20 year limited warranty. As the exclusive producer of ‘cold-seam tops’ in Western Canada, our one-piece tanks up to 2200 gallons in size are widely recognized for superior strength and durability. We also manufacture two-piece tanks and modular tank systems that can be used individually up to 7500 gallons or in clusters up to 100,000 gallons.

*20 year limited warranty on septic, sewage holding, water cistern, and wastewater treatment tanks